Testing at the Speed of Awesome

In today’s software-centric economy, speed is everything. The pressure to deliver more, faster, falls squarely on development teams. Sauce Labs accelerates software development by removing testing as a bottleneck. Our continuous testing cloud ensures that the web and mobile applications people use every day work flawlessly on any browser or device.

Before Sauce, testing took too long, it was tedious and expensive to maintain, and it took focus off of innovation and shifted it to annoying infrastructure issues. With Sauce, innovators accelerate their software development cycles, improve quality, deploy with confidence and reduce costs. We call that continuous testing. But you’ll probably just call it awesome.

Company Fact Sheet

Sauce Labs: Automated Testing for Web and Mobile Apps

Here’s a short video about what we do and how we do it right from the best people to tell our story, the people of Sauce Labs.