Run Espresso tests in the cloud on thousands of Android devices

espresso framework

Espresso test automation for Android

Sauce Labs provides support for the Espresso test automation framework. Build your tests with Espresso and execute test suites on Android emulators or thousands of real devices via the Sauce Labs real device cloud.

Testing Android reliably

Espresso is a test automation tool for Android applications developed by Google. It enables developers and testers to write concise and reliable automated tests for the Android UI.

Release faster on Android

Make Sauce Labs and Espresso test automation part of your continuous testing strategy for DevOps and Agile development. Execute Espresso tests at any point in your development cycle using either the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud or Android emulators.

Find and fix bugs faster

Use Sauce Labs Real Device Coud and Espresso together to accelerate developer feedback and correct defects early in the development lifecycle.

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Run your Espresso tests on the world’s most comprehensive continuous testing cloud