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Mobile App Testing

Sauce Labs provides comprehensive mobile app testing using real devices, emulators and simulators. With thousands of real devices for Android and iOS, Sauce Labs supports test automation with popular automation frameworks such as Appium, Espresso and XCUITest. In addition, teams can automate native, hybrid and mobile web apps for complete coverage.

Mobile App Testing with Sauce Labs
Watch and learn how to perform, fast, easy, testing of mobile applications.

Securely test on our real device cloud

Test across a wide selection of iOS and Android devices on our public cloud. Or test across a variety of devices dedicated to your organization with the highest level of security on a private cloud. Automate your tests by integrating with your CI server or step through your tests manually to troubleshoot bugs on thousands of devices with lightning fast response times.

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Test Across Emulators, Simulators and Real Devices

Augment your emulator and simulator testing with manual and automated testing on real devices to maximize test coverage at a fraction of what it would cost to use real devices only.

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Live App Testing

Manual and exploratory testing with thousands of Android and iOS devices on the Sauce Labs Real Device Cloud.

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