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Sauce Labs supports the W3C WebDriver protocol

As browser vendors begin to support these updates, take advantage of new functionality

The standard for web app testing

The W3C now officially supports and endorses the WebDriver protocol. As a result of this specification, there is now an agreed-to standard that all browser vendors will develop to. Selenium has indicated its intention to migrate entirely to the new protocol, meaning your tests should run more consistently between browsers once updated.

Get more from your tests

The new version of Selenium can interact with the Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP), which allows you to have more visibility into what’s happening in the browser, execute richer commands in your test (such as capturing logs, request tracing, mock network responses, and much more). All this makes your tests more versatile and complete.

Improved user-facing API

With stronger support for the W3C WebDriver standard, Selenium 4 will leverage W3C compliant set of commands that bring a uniform behaviour across different browsers. With this improvement, your tests will run more seamlessly and perform better.


Webinar : A Sneak Peek at Selenium 4

Learn from the experts

In this webinar, Simon Stewart, creator of WebDriver and core-contributor to the Selenium project, talks about the next major Selenium release.

Learn more about Selenium 4

In this SauceCon Online session, Diego Molina, Software Engineer at Sauce Labs, will show recent changes in the Selenium project, why they are important, and the most relevant features in the next major release.

Meeting with laptops

Frequently Asked Questions

This blog post answers commonly-asked questions about Selenium 4 and the W3C protocol, what changes you can make to be compliant, and more.

Sauce Labs has the resources to ensure you're compliant

Training and support

Update your tests today

Our documentation gives a complete overview of the W3C WebDriver spec and will help ensure your tests are compliant and can successfully execute on Sauce Labs.

Usable code samples

Our experts have created a public repo with language-specific bindings that leverage the new sauce:options capability. Use these to start updating your tests.

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