Meet The Experts: Wim Selles

Posted Jul 28th, 2020

Wim Selles

Solutions architect Wim Selles helps customers successfully implement and get the most value out of their investment in Sauce Labs. He loves to answer questions and help solve puzzles for customers—and he wants to make people as enthusiastic about mobile test automation as he is. 

Wim conducts trainings, shares best practices, and travels the world (virtually, nowadays) to make this happen. He has two pieces of advice that he often shares with customers. First, create a solid test base that you can rely on. This will give you confidence in your automated testing efforts. Second, Wim recommends that you avoid coding for coding’s sake. Make sure what you’re doing is really adding value. 

In addition to his passion for test automation, Wim enjoys contributing to the open source community—WebdriverIO, specifically— and spending time with his family and two young daughters.

Learn more about Wim in this short video.

Written by

Rebecca Cramer