Upgraded Team Management for Enterprises Now GA

Posted Aug 8th, 2018

If you manage test resources in a large organization, you know what a chore it is to allocate resources, provide access to new users and provide reports for your boss. We understand your issues and have re-architected our Team Management function to help you spend less time managing and more time testing. You can use the new feature starting today - a banner will appear under Team Management in your admin console alerting you that this is available.

Extended Team Management has been architected to give larger organizations better control over their resources.  The improved tool organizes teams in a flatter structure, allows for multiple admins and makes it much easier to add new users and generate usage reports. Here are the highlights:

  • Simply Allocate Team Concurrency
    We make it simpler to allocate concurrency by team - so each team is limited to accessing a selected number of VMs. This solves the issue of one team using all the concurrency in their organization - leaving few for other teams to use.
  • Improved Reporting
    We simplify reporting so it’s much easier to understand usage across teams and allocate chargebacks for budgeting reasons. We even updated our API so you can extract the data into your reporting dashboards.
  • New, Flat Organizational Structure
    Creates a flatter organization so it is easier to administer groups and create multiple admins so accounts are not tied to a single username and more people can administer accounts.
  • Improved SSO
    We streamlined our SSO support - you can now place users in a default team.

How to Migrate to Extended Team Management

Because we’ve changed the way Extended Team Management organizes groups, current users will need to migrate to the new version using our migration tool.  Customers will be able to do this themselves or through their CSM.  Note - you don’t have to migrate now, but we will no longer be developing new features for our existing Team Management function.

During the week of August 6th we will release the migration tool and users can self migrate, or contact their CSM for assistance.  The tool is accessible from the Sauce Labs Admin Console, under Team Management. The migration is a simple process that is expected to take 30 minutes once you have defined your teams.

Read the docs on the Sauce Wiki.

Written by

Ken Drachnik


Automated testing